Summer Bucket List

I’m still kind of in denial that it is already JUNE and in two and a half short weeks school will be over (yes Southern friends, the children in the north are still in school)!  So I figured it’s time to get my summer bucket list in order!

Pool time once a week:  We don’t have a pool.  This fact makes me very sad. But last year I discovered our town has a community pool.  It’s clean, quiet, and only $1 a day!  I will definitely be taking the kiddos (and myself) for a dip at least once a week this summer.

Beach vacation:  We’re headed back to Maine this year!  The NJ beaches we went to last year were definitely nice (and the water much warmer than we are used to!) but my heart is in Maine.

Farmer’s markets:  I love the fresh veggies and all the homemade cookies and breads at the Farmer’s market!

Camp out night:   I want to plan a special camping night in our backyard, complete with a tent, sleeping bags and a bonfire.

Dinner and drinks on the deck:  My husband and his dad built us a beautiful deck and I feel like we don’t use it enough.  This summer, I want to make sure we are out there having dinner (and drinks) at least a few times a week.

Date night with friends:   I’m thinking date night on the Captain JP (dinner and dancing cruise on the Mohawk River… lots of fun!).

Lake days:  We have so many state parks near us with gorgeous lakes to swim in.  This summer, I want to make sure we do a few days at the lake.  Swimming, relaxing, playing on the playground and BBQing!

Fireworks:  4th of July fireworks are a must!

Amusement Park:  We have a great amusement park only 45 minutes from us (The Great Escape) and believe it or not, I have NEVER taken the kids.  This summer they are going!

Read 5 new books:  I’ve slowed down on reading, and I need to pick things back up!  I’ve got a few books in mind, one being The Couple Next Door.  Any other must-reads you can suggest for me??

Drive In Movie:  Nothing more fun than the drive in on a Saturday night with friends!  We’re thinking maybe Cars 3 or Despicable Me 3… maybe both!

What’s on your summer bucket list?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

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