Do you date night?

If you don’t, you should!
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 15 years of marriage, it’s that you need to make time for each other.  Set aside, scheduled, ALONE time, just you and your significant other.   You need time together, apart from your kids.  Time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company.  Time to have fun as a couple.  Time to de-stress and relax.

I know we’re all busy, and tired, and pressed for time.  But when something is important, you make time to do it.  If you need to see the doctor, you make an appointment, re-arrange your schedule and go.   Your daughter has her first dance recital?  You find a way to be there.   You need to get your roots done? You absolutely make time for that!
Time alone having fun with your spouse (“aka date night”) is just as important!  Although arguably, getting those grays covered is a close second.

OK, so now that I’ve got you on board with date night, you might be asking yourself, “What should we do on date night?”  Well, guess what?  I’ve got a list all set for you!

1. The Traditional: You can’t go wrong with the traditional dinner and a movie!  If you want to spice it up a little, choose a restaurant you’ve never been to and then hit the drive-in theatre!
2. The Gamer: Have you ever been to Dave and Buster’s without your kids?  It’s actually really fun!  Go and get your game on, and grab some of those yummy apps while you’re there!
3. The Binger: This one is budget friendly and doesn’t even require you to leave your house.  Pick a show on Netflix or ON Demand to binge watch (Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Walking Dead, etc).    Grab a pizza and snuggle up together on the couch for the night!
4.  The Amusement: Amusement parks aren’t just for kids!  Hit your local amusement park to feel like a kid again (or a local fair or carnival).  Go on all the rides, eat some fried dough and maybe grab yourself some dippin dots!
5.  The Outdoorsman: Take a hike or nature walk to somewhere scenic and set up a picnic for the 2 of you.   So romantic!
6.  The Taster: Have a wine tasting party for just you and your man (or woman).  Pick up 3 wines you’ve never tried before, some chocolate and some cheese (what wine doesn’t pair well with chocolate and cheese?!), turn down the lights, light up the candles, and have a private wine tasting for 2!
7.  The Home Chef: Pick a new recipe and cook it together.  Then enjoy the fruits of your labor by candlelight!
8.  The Bonfire: When you think about bonfires, you might think of it as more of a group event.  But it’s just as nice when it’s just the 2 of you sitting around a fire, talking, drinking and/or listening to music.  Grab a dessert wine and cook up some Smores for an extra-special treat.
9. The Laker: Hit the lake (or whatever body of water is near you), take a swim, relax on the beach, and BBQ.
10. The Painter: Have you ever been to a Paint and Sip?  They’re not just for girls’ nights!  They’re for couples too!  Your man might be a little hesitant when he hears the painting part, but you just have to remind him about the SIPPING part!!
11.  The Golfer: Nothing beats mini golf and some ice cream on a hot summer night!
12. The Board Gamer: Pull Battleship out of the closet, wipe off the dust, have some Chinese delivered and Voila!  You have a date night!   Operation is a fun date night game too!

Now, I know some of you are saying, “But Kim, I don’t have a babysitter!”  or “It will cost me more to hire a babysitter than the date itself!”  Friends, I feel you!  I promise!  Our closest family member is over an hour away and hiring a babysitter for 2 kids can break the bank.  Not to mention I don’t trust just anyone to watch my kids.

My parents do typically take the kids for 1 overnight a month, which gives us some alone time and the kids some quality time with their grandparents (win-win).  But even if you don’t have someone who can watch the kids, or you just can’t afford it, you can still have a date night!  Put the kids to bed a little early, and fire up date #3, 6, 7, 8 or 12!   Say YES to date night!

What are some of your date night ideas?  Do you have a go-to date or do you like to switch it up?

8 Replies to “Do you date night?”

  1. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but we are incredibly busy. While we see each other often now and while we were dating, we are/were hardly ever alone. So we set up a weekly date night. Sometimes it’s creative and sometimes it’s just making dinner together and binge watching a show. It’s great to have that time to connect, though!

    1. Definitely! Even without kids, life is so busy and it’s so important to make time to re-connect!

  2. Date nights are just so hard to do. When the kids are gone I seem to have a list of 100 things I want to get done while they are gone. It’s something we really need to work on.

    1. It will be worth it! I’ll be honest, sometimes we almost have to force ourselves to go out on date night instead of just staying home and getting all those projects done, or even catching up on sleep! But when all is said and done, I’ve never regretted choosing date night!

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