And then it was August

Well hello!  How’s your summer been?  Like almost everyone else, I am in denial that it is already the middle August and summer is winding down!  I feel like it hasn’t been super summery this year, at least in regards to weather.  The weather in NY has been wet and rather cool.  I think we’ve only hit 90 one or two times this summer, and while I don’t really mind the temps hovering in the high 70s and low 80s, it does make me feel like I’ve missed out on “real” summer.  But alas, here we are.  The rest of our August is jam packed and while I can’t wait for all the fun, I’m sad that it signals the end of summer.

This summer has been: summer camps, swimming, soccer, family, friends, playgrounds, Cape Cod, pirate ships, water guns, ice cream, bike rides, movies, fun parks and late nights.   Oh, and we got a cat!  Please welcome Bosco to our family!

Next week will be school shopping and attempting to transition my kids back into actual bedtimes!  Then the last week of August we are going on vacation!  We all are super excited for a relaxing week in Maine chilling out (hopefully not for real) by the ocean.  Sprinkled into all that will be soccer practices, my husband starting a new position at work, and me playing catch up at my job!  Then once Labor day hits, it’s back to school!  It’s time to WORK kiddos!

I plan to be making more frequent visits to this blog come September too, so be sure to stay tuned!

So what did you do this summer?


Friday Favorites- Happy 4th!

It’s Friday and the start of a long weekend!  As soon as I’m done with work today, we are headed to the beach!  Woo hoo!  Originally the plan was camping, but we had a last minute change and now we’re headed to the Cape.   Ocean and AC instead of black flies and a tent?  Yup, I’m OK with it!

So before we get this party started, let’s take a look at my favorites from the week!

#1  This little guy won awards for excellence in math and good conduct.  I’m so proud of him and the caring and kind person he is becoming!

#2  We also finished up the T-ball season.  Alec was so excited… “Mom, I got my first trophy!!”  Definitely a favorite!

#3  Date night on the deck was another favorite.  The hubs made us a delicious dinner (grilled chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob and garlic bread) and we just chilled, chatted and enjoyed each other’s company!

#4  We have had a lot of crazy weather lately, but that has resulted in a lot of beautiful rainbows!  This one was just perfect!

#5  Summer camp started this week.  Can I get an amen?  Unlike school, Nick is up and ready to go!  No arguments, no fighting over what he’s going to wear (because he gets to wear shorts every day).  He loves going to camp and that just makes our mornings run so much smoother!

Happy 4th of July weekend friends!  What are your plans for the holiday?


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Mom Summer Exchange

If you were a reader over at Life As I Know it, then you probably remember how much I love a good blogger swap!  I just can’t resist the chance to get to know a new blogger and exchange a fun package!

This swap I was paired up with the lovely Bri at School in Our Slippers.   And guess what, Bri just had a baby!  Like, just last week had a baby!  So be sure to congratulate her when you go check out her blog!

Somehow between her normal busy life and getting ready to have a new baby, Bri put together a wonderful package for me.

How beautiful is this wrapping paper?!

The wrapping paper was so pretty, I was tempted to not even open my gifts.  But of course I did!!

The entire package was just perfect, but my favorite parts are the gorgeous travel mug and awesome journal she sent!  I love guided journals and I cannot wait to get started on this one.  And you can bet I’ll be sipping some coffee from my new mug while I do!

It was so much fun getting to know Bri and I truly appreciate the thought she put into my package!  I just wish she lived closer so we could go have a coffee date together!

If you want to check out what I sent Bri, be sure to head over to her blog and take a look.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s packages!

Just mind your own business


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It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is being mom-shamed.  Whether it’s Jessica Simpson for posting a picture of her daughter in a bikini on Instagram, or the mom down the road for getting her kid a happy meal for dinner, mom shaming is rampant and real.

Mom Shamer examples:
You took your 8 year old to a PG-13 movie??
You let your children use electronics when they are out to eat??
You let your kid eat happy meals/cereal/ice cream for dinner??
You let your kid have (insert sugary beverage) kool aid, juice, soda??
You pack your child a Lunchable for his school lunch??
You let your child sleep in your bed??
You let your kids stay up until 10pm??
You spank your child??

Before you judge someone, ask yourself this question:  Is anyone in imminent danger?   If the answer is no, then mind your own business!

I know my kid better than you.

Maybe I let him play the ipad at the restaurant because that was his reward for getting 100 on his math test.
Maybe he’s eating a happy meal for dinner because it’s his birthday and that’s what he chose.
Maybe he drinks juice because that’s the only way he will consume fruit.
Maybe he sleeps in my bed because he has night terrors.
Maybe he goes to bed at 10pm because his dad works the night shift and doesn’t get home until 9:30.

OR… maybe I don’t have any “good” reason at all.  Maybe I let my kid eat a happy meal for dinner because I think it’s OK to have a happy meal every once in a while.  Or maybe it’s because I just didn’t have time to make dinner.  Maybe I let him drink juice because he likes it.  Maybe I let him play his ipad when we’re out to dinner because it keeps him quiet and makes a more enjoyable evening for all of us.  Maybe I let him go to bed at 10pm because it has never caused a problem.

It boils down to this:

You don’t know me, you don’t know my life, you don’t know my kid like I do.
I’m in the best position to make decisions about my child.  Not you.

What works for your child and your family may not work for mine.
We are all individuals and there is not a one size fits all solution to parenting.

No one is a parenting expert.  Not me, not you.   Your way is not better or more righteous than mine.  My way is not better or more righteous than yours.

If your child is happy, healthy, and well adjusted, keep doing what you’re doing. Let your child sleep in your bed, have kool aid at dinner and stay up until 10pm.
Why?  Because it’s working.  It’s working for you, for him, and for your family.

We don’t have to agree on parenting strategies.  We don’t have to agree on screen time or bedtimes or how we discipline our children.  You do it your way, and I’ll do it mine.  It’s OK to take different paths.

Parenting is hard.  The last thing we need is judgment.  Let’s support each other.  Let’s lift one another up instead of tearing one another down.


P.S.  And mind your own business!

Friday Favorites- Rainy Day Activities!

Well friends, we’re in the home stretch!

At approximately 11:20 am next Thursday, I will be the mother of a 2nd grader! All week long the remnants of what was first grade have been trickling home…the art folder, completed workbooks, name cards, reading journals. Homework has been non-existent.  Bed times have been getting later and later.   Summer vacation is so close we can smell it!

Summer is awesome.  Being outside is awesome.   Pools and parks and lakes are awesome.  But what about those summer days when the rain won’t stop, you’re stuck inside, and your kids’ eyeballs are about to pop out of their heads from all the screen time they’ve been soaking up??  Do you put on Despicable Me for the 100th time?  Do you hide in the bathroom until bedtime?  Well, you could.  I wouldn’t judge.  Or… you could try one of my 5 favorite rainy day summer vacation ideas!

#1 Indoor Camping
Pop  a tent in your living room, eat hot dogs on a stick, bake up some oven S’mores, play camping bingo, make a cute craft (see below) and tell scary stories.  Don’t forget your sleeping bag, comfy pillow and a flashlight!


#2 Kids’ Book Club
Pick a fun book, and do a whole theme day around it!
Let’s say you choose Dragons Love Tacos.  Read the book to your kids.  Make tacos for lunch and let the kids help.  Try different types of salsas and have your kids rate them.  Have a dragon printable for your kids to color.   Make a taco topping word search.   Make a fire breathing dragon craft (check out this awesome one HERE).  Use your imagination… the options are endless!

#3  Dance Party
Turn your living room into a kid-friendly club!  Your dance floor should be complete with balloons (who doesn’t love a dance floor with balloons?!), bubbles (just let the kids blow a few bubbles indoors… they’ll love it!), glow sticks and glow necklaces (don’t forget to turn down the lights and pull the blinds for the full effect).  Set up a small table with punch and cookies, turn on Radio Disney and viola!

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#4  Christmas in July
Pull out your tote of Christmas decorations and get busy!  Decorate your bookshelves, fireplace mantle or windowsill.  Have any plants?  Decorate them with some Christmas balls!  Listen to a Christmas CD.  Make Christmas cookies.   Have your kids write out their Christmas lists and a letter to Santa asking how his summer vacation is going.

#5  Rock Painting
Rock painting is back in style!   Grab some rocks and paint and let your inner artist shine!  Paint a crazy design or pretty scene.  Paint a special message.  Paint your rock into a lady bug or bee!  There is some AMAZING rock art out there!  Once the rocks have dried and the rain has stopped, head to the park and leave the rocks in special places for someone else to find.

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities?

Enjoy your weekend friends, and Happy Father’s Day!

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