Show and Tell- Favorite Holiday!

    Favorite Holiday

I am so excited to be linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday!

I love all the holidays and making them special for my kids.  But my favorite holiday would have to be Christmas (with Halloween as a close second)!  Growing up, Christmas was magical.  We weren’t rich (in fact, we didn’t have much money at all), but you don’t need money to make things magical for a child.

Back in those days, we almost always had a white Christmas.  There is just something special and magical about snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.   Even now as an adult, it doesn’t seem like Christmas to me if we don’t have snow.

We always had lots of Christmas lights, inside and out.  My mom would line the inside of our windows with colored mini lights (did anyone else do that?) and outside we decorated the trees with those giant “vintage” bulb lights.  Our indoor tree was decorated with all sorts of handmade ornaments… some beautiful beaded ones made by a family friend, the garland-wrapped tuna can picture frame I made in kindergarten (which my mom still puts on her tree to this day),  salt dough ornaments, paper chains, and usually way too much tinsel.  It was beautiful.

We had tree decorating parties at my Grandma’s house.  We would all get together to decorate her tree and enjoy her homemade cookies, fudge, and eggnog.  My aunt and I would make Christmas crafts while listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa (I think this is why she hates Alvin & The Chipmunks now!).   We’d watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty, Rudolph, The Grinch and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  After Christmas Eve dinner, we would go for a ride and look at all the Christmas lights.

Christmas morning was always spent at my Grandmother’s house with my aunts and uncles.  The morning would start with a big bacon and egg breakfast and end with presents.  There were usually around 10 of us there, so the underneath of the tree was filled with gifts.  We also all each had a stocking filled by Santa.  The anticipation of those presents during breakfast was almost unbearable!

I was lucky as a child to have so much extended family around me.   We spent every Christmas when I was young with my Grandma (and Grandpa when he was alive), aunts and uncles.   I will cherish the memories of those big family Christmases forever.

Now that I have my own children, I try and make Christmas just as special for them.   We are creating new traditions, as well as mixing in some of the old.  As a child, Christmas was the one time I believed that anything was possible.  I want my children to believe that too, and hold onto that for as long as they can.

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