‘Twas the Night Before School

‘Twas the night before school and I felt a sense of dread
Knowing my kids would refuse to go to bed.
The baths were all done, the lunches made
The backpacks were packed to start the next grade.

When up in the bedroom I heard such a clatter
I sprang up the stairs to see what was the matter.
The lights were all off except a light glow
and a humming noise could be heard, very low.
I threw back the covers and what did I see?
Two little boys and an ipad mini!
“Go to bed!” I demanded as they started to scatter
“Summer is gone and now bedtimes matter!”

They asked for a snuggle and one final hug
So I tucked them both in, snug as a bug.
Now please, GO TO SLEEP I said with a sigh
To which they replied, “Alright mom, we’ll try.”
But I heard them exclaim as I walked out of sight
“As soon as I get a cup of water and pee for the night!”

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