Fall Bucket List 2017

Truth be told, I wasn’t going to do a Fall bucket list this year.  Soccer dominates our lives on the weekends, and it’s already October.  I really wasn’t sure what I would be able to fit in.  But the more I thought about it, I decided I need to MAKE time for fun fall activities.  I mean, it is my favorite season after all!   And so the Fall Bucket List 2017 was created!

1-  Haunted Hayride:  We didn’t fit this in last year so I’m really hoping we can do one this year!  They are so much fun!
2-  Apple Picking:  Fingers crossed.  Apparently the apples here are ripening quicker than usual thanks to the HEAT WAVE we had in September.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get to the orchard before all the good apples are gone but we’ll try!
3-  Make apple crisp:  Oh yeah, this is definite!
4-  Go to a pumpkin patch:  Fingers crossed on this one too!  But I think we can fit it in!
5-  Carve pumpkins:  Put this is the DEFINITELY column!
6-  Do a Halloween craft:  Anyone have a good one??
7-  Halloween movie night:  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Complete with Halloween inspired snacks too!
8-  Trip to Salem, MA:  This has been booked for months!  I am sooo excited!  I’ve always wanted to go to Salem and being able to go during October is going to be awesome!
9-  Weekend away with the hubs:  Coming up this weekend!!  We are headed to the Finger Lakes.  More to come in a future blog post!
10-  Day in VT leaf peeping:  Definitely on the “maybe” list.  Not sure if there will be time but I really want to!  The leaves are always gorgeous in VT!
11-  Attend a fall festival:  If I can locate a local one, I think I can make it happen!
12-  Go trick or treating:  Definitely!  My favorite part of Halloween!

What’s on your list???

All Fall!

I’m so excited to link up with the Blended Blog for some fall fun!!  This is my absolute FAVORITE time of year!  And at the end of the post, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall pics from days past!

TBB Asks….

1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat?   Apple crisp and pumpkin cheescake
2.  Red, Yellow, or Green Apples?  Red
3.  Favorite Fall Sport to Play?  Soccer, of course!
4.  Best Drink for Fall?  Cider!  And Apple Cider Sangria!  Yummmm
5.  Favorite Fall Activity?  Apple picking, leaf peeping, haunted hayrides!  I can’t choose just 1!
6.  Must have Fall Purchase?  Scarves and boots!
7.  Pumpkins:  Pick your own or store bought?  Pick your own
8.  Real or Fake Pumpkins?  Real outside, fake inside
9.  Favorite Halloween Costume?  Hmmm.  I’m gonna go with the classic witch
10.  College football or NFL?  Ummm… none.  Sorry y’all, I don’t watch football! Well, maybe the Superbowl.
11.  Fall or Halloween Decor?  Both!
12.  Raking Leaves or no Leaves for Raking?  We have leaves, but my husband usually shreds them with the lawnmower
13.  Favorite Soup?  Broccoli cheddar or French Onion
14.  Favorite Fall Candle Scent?  Macintosh Apple!  Followed by pumpkin spice.
15.  Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice?  See above 🙂
16.  Short Booties or Tall Boots?  Both
17.  Favorite Halloween Candy?  Kit Kat, Reeses, Take 5
18.  PSL- Yes or No?  Well, maybe once a season.  It’s a little too sweet.
19.  Hayride or Corn Maze?  Hayride!  Preferably a haunted one!
20.  Favorite Fall TV show?  WALKING DEAD!!!!!!

Me & baby Nick. I was so young! And thin!


Nick’s first apple picking trip 


Nickolas the crayon. I miss those days!
Alec’s first apple picking trip
Wow, the hubs was young once too!
Brew fest at Stratton Mt. Vermont



‘Twas the Night Before School

‘Twas the night before school and I felt a sense of dread
Knowing my kids would refuse to go to bed.
The baths were all done, the lunches made
The backpacks were packed to start the next grade.

When up in the bedroom I heard such a clatter
I sprang up the stairs to see what was the matter.
The lights were all off except a light glow
and a humming noise could be heard, very low.
I threw back the covers and what did I see?
Two little boys and an ipad mini!
“Go to bed!” I demanded as they started to scatter
“Summer is gone and now bedtimes matter!”

They asked for a snuggle and one final hug
So I tucked them both in, snug as a bug.
Now please, GO TO SLEEP I said with a sigh
To which they replied, “Alright mom, we’ll try.”
But I heard them exclaim as I walked out of sight
“As soon as I get a cup of water and pee for the night!”

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Back to school round up

Are your kiddos (or you) back to school yet?  Here in NY, we’ve got a couple weeks left (woo hoo) but D day is fast approaching!  Here’s a little round up of all things back to school at our house!

Thank you Lord (and the PTO) for the School Tool Box!  All I have to do is go online, choose my school and grade level, and click “order.”  Voila!  A box of school supplies for my son is shipped to the school and my supply shopping is done!  This is the best.thing.ever.  My supply shopping was done in July!

Prior to this year, I ordered most of my kids’ clothes online from places like The Children’s Place and Carters, and then got a few things at GAP and Old Navy when we did our yearly outlet shopping trip (sans kids).  Well, now that my son is older (a 2nd grader you know!) he has become MUCH pickier about what he wears. So this year he is coming along for the school shopping!  I plan on hitting Kohls (thank you 30% off coupon), and probably the Nike, Adidas and Under Armour outlets (because apparently in 2nd grade you can only wear athletic wear).  Wish me luck!

Ugh.  It’s always a struggle and  fight.  This year my plan is kids in bed at 8:30.  BUT they can read or look at a book until 9pm to relax and wind down.   I know some kids go to bed at 7:30, but this just doesn’t work for us.  For one, sometimes we’re not even home from activities yet (soccer practice, etc), and for another, my kids will NOT sleep at 7:30.  Like no way, no how.  It just doesn’t happen.  So this is what works for us.

I am in charge of mornings.  My husband typically leaves for work right as the kids are getting up.  So that leaves me to get myself ready, get the kids ready and out the door, and take care of the animals.  Mornings are STRESSFUL!
My 4 year old is up at the crack of dawn, but my 7 year old…not so much.  He also gets very grumpy when I wake him up.  So, we have agreed that this year instead of me waking him up, he will use an alarm clock.  We’ll see how it goes!  I am also instituting a no TV or electronics rule until breakfast is eaten and they are dressed.

Since my husband gets home before me, he is in charge of homework (all the praise hands!).  He also sometimes (maybe 2x a week, on a good week) takes care of dinner.  I am tasked with baths and bedtime, and prepping lunches and outfits for the next day.   Doing the lunches and outfits the night before has been a big time saver for my mornings.

This year I also want to up my lunch game.  My kids are super picky eaters, but I think if I make a list of foods to mix and match from each week, I can get some good variety.   If you have any new and interesting lunch ideas, please let me know! Another idea I am toying with is picking out all the week’s outfits on Sunday so they are ready to go.  I hate searching for matching socks on weeknights when I could be relaxing on the couch!

How are you preparing for back to school?



And then it was August

Well hello!  How’s your summer been?  Like almost everyone else, I am in denial that it is already the middle August and summer is winding down!  I feel like it hasn’t been super summery this year, at least in regards to weather.  The weather in NY has been wet and rather cool.  I think we’ve only hit 90 one or two times this summer, and while I don’t really mind the temps hovering in the high 70s and low 80s, it does make me feel like I’ve missed out on “real” summer.  But alas, here we are.  The rest of our August is jam packed and while I can’t wait for all the fun, I’m sad that it signals the end of summer.

This summer has been: summer camps, swimming, soccer, family, friends, playgrounds, Cape Cod, pirate ships, water guns, ice cream, bike rides, movies, fun parks and late nights.   Oh, and we got a cat!  Please welcome Bosco to our family!

Next week will be school shopping and attempting to transition my kids back into actual bedtimes!  Then the last week of August we are going on vacation!  We all are super excited for a relaxing week in Maine chilling out (hopefully not for real) by the ocean.  Sprinkled into all that will be soccer practices, my husband starting a new position at work, and me playing catch up at my job!  Then once Labor day hits, it’s back to school!  It’s time to WORK kiddos!

I plan to be making more frequent visits to this blog come September too, so be sure to stay tuned!

So what did you do this summer?