Friday Favorites- Rainy Day Activities!

Well friends, we’re in the home stretch!

At approximately 11:20 am next Thursday, I will be the mother of a 2nd grader! All week long the remnants of what was first grade have been trickling home…the art folder, completed workbooks, name cards, reading journals. Homework has been non-existent.  Bed times have been getting later and later.   Summer vacation is so close we can smell it!

Summer is awesome.  Being outside is awesome.   Pools and parks and lakes are awesome.  But what about those summer days when the rain won’t stop, you’re stuck inside, and your kids’ eyeballs are about to pop out of their heads from all the screen time they’ve been soaking up??  Do you put on Despicable Me for the 100th time?  Do you hide in the bathroom until bedtime?  Well, you could.  I wouldn’t judge.  Or… you could try one of my 5 favorite rainy day summer vacation ideas!

#1 Indoor Camping
Pop  a tent in your living room, eat hot dogs on a stick, bake up some oven S’mores, play camping bingo, make a cute craft (see below) and tell scary stories.  Don’t forget your sleeping bag, comfy pillow and a flashlight!


#2 Kids’ Book Club
Pick a fun book, and do a whole theme day around it!
Let’s say you choose Dragons Love Tacos.  Read the book to your kids.  Make tacos for lunch and let the kids help.  Try different types of salsas and have your kids rate them.  Have a dragon printable for your kids to color.   Make a taco topping word search.   Make a fire breathing dragon craft (check out this awesome one HERE).  Use your imagination… the options are endless!

#3  Dance Party
Turn your living room into a kid-friendly club!  Your dance floor should be complete with balloons (who doesn’t love a dance floor with balloons?!), bubbles (just let the kids blow a few bubbles indoors… they’ll love it!), glow sticks and glow necklaces (don’t forget to turn down the lights and pull the blinds for the full effect).  Set up a small table with punch and cookies, turn on Radio Disney and viola!

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#4  Christmas in July
Pull out your tote of Christmas decorations and get busy!  Decorate your bookshelves, fireplace mantle or windowsill.  Have any plants?  Decorate them with some Christmas balls!  Listen to a Christmas CD.  Make Christmas cookies.   Have your kids write out their Christmas lists and a letter to Santa asking how his summer vacation is going.

#5  Rock Painting
Rock painting is back in style!   Grab some rocks and paint and let your inner artist shine!  Paint a crazy design or pretty scene.  Paint a special message.  Paint your rock into a lady bug or bee!  There is some AMAZING rock art out there!  Once the rocks have dried and the rain has stopped, head to the park and leave the rocks in special places for someone else to find.

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities?

Enjoy your weekend friends, and Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. So many good ideas! I homeschool but my oldest is going into first grade so these ideas are perfect. My favorite is the indoor camping idea! We will be doing this soon!

  2. What a creative fun bunch of ideas!!! 💕😃💕 I am writing an article on how to love the rain even if you don’t, and I’m going to include a link to this wonderful article!!! (I’m assuming I don’t need to ask permission to do this, right? It’s kind of like – would you need to ask permission to give someone a compliment or promote them – both of which I will actually be doing therein! But correct me if I’m wrong! ☺️)

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